Apps to Download

Youtube Videos for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Very often, after enjoying a video on Youtube through our Android smartphone, we would like to download it in order to be able to see it again even without reconnecting to the network Apps to Download. This is absolutely possible using one of the various apps suitable for this purpose, created with the intention of storing videos in the memory of the same mobile phone, or in the microSD of the device, simple to use and, therefore, within the reach of those who do not have special technical skills. The important thing is to check that there is enough space in the smartphone or tablet and, above all, download the application via a Wi-Fi connection, in order not to consume the monthly pack of gigs in a few minutes, if not to go beyond.

All the apps that follow, free, are not present on the Google Play Store and, therefore, must be downloaded from their dedicated sites. Therefore, they are not subject to the control of the operating system even if, generally, they do not present problems and do not contain viruses. It is, however, a situation to consider at the time of download, although absolutely widespread, even without the filter of the official Store.


Complete and easy to use, TubeMate can be downloaded by connecting directly to the official website through the classic browser, such as Chrome, clicking on AndroidFreeware and immediately after selecting Install app, until the complete installation Apps to Download. Once done, simply search for the video that interests us on YouTube, (using the usual option with the magnifying glass at the top right) and start playback, choosing the format and resolution for download. Better to accompany this app with the additional installation of MP3 Video Converter, which allows it to function properly. Each video thus downloaded is saved in the Video folder.


Not only YouTube: with SnapTube you can also store videos from other sites, such as from social media, from Instagram to Facebook, The procedure is practically always the same, you just need to connect to the official website of the app and, with the same steps as the previous one, then that’s it. Once installed, to download a video, you need to click on the icon created, shown on the home screen, select the movie using the magnifying glass search, and press on the thumbnail Apps to Download. By choosing the download format, the latter will start immediately, to be saved in the Android Video folder.


Free music and videos also with Vidmate, an application optimized for Android, extremely simple to use. Again it is a must to start from the official website and download the apk file to start it, by typing in the search box the name of the favourite video, which will be saved in the folder of the device called Vidmate. With over 40 million downloads, this app, for the green robot system, is among the most popular, also because, in addition to YouTube, it allows you to download movies from more than 50 different sites.