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Can You Travel With Pets During the Pandemic?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected every industry. It has now become quite common for the flights to get delayed or even canceled on any given day. This is because manufacturing and maintenance processes have come to a halt suddenly. So, airline industries are relying only on the best manufacturing staffing agency in their area to hire specialists. With such measures and new strategies, things are slowly expected to return to normal.


Traveling with Pets Amid the Pandemic

People traveling with pets still have to face great uncertainty. This is because every country’s government and airline industries have different travel guidelines related to pets. Below are all those guidelines and the important measures discussed in detail.

Can Pets Transmit Coronavirus?

Pets Transmit Coronavirus

This topic is being hotly debated around the world. People are still confused about whether pets can transmit the virus or not. There has been a case in Hong Kong where a dog has become COVID-19 positive. This has raised concerns among pet owners everywhere.

However, researchers claim that there is still much to discover about this virus and its transmission. As of now, no research/evidence indicates that this virus can infect pets. However, they are suggesting people be extremely cautious with their cats and dogs until enough evidence is not gathered.  

In general, pet owners should avoid kissing their pets. This is because, if other people interact with the pets, the virus can be easily transmitted to them.

Countries Having Restricted Travel with Pets

Traveling with pets amid COVID-19 has become quite difficult. Several countries are now imposing restrictions on traveling with pets to stop the transmission of the virus. Below are some of the regulations discussed in detail that are being exercised by some countries:  


This country is taking extreme measures to control the spread of the virus. Currently, it has made it compulsory for pet owners to have a document signed by a vet. This document should clearly state that any human or other animal carrying the virus has not interacted with the pet. Only then the pets can travel into UAE.

People coming from some areas are also required to spend two weeks in quarantine before taking a flight. The government has announced that people coming from Iran, China, South Korea, and Hong Kong extra can’t travel with pets.


China has somewhat lenient guidelines related to travel with pets. The travel agencies and the government are still providing pet owners with important documents related to pet travel. However, the airlines inside China have severely restricted the number of flights where people can bring their pets onboard.     

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, pet owners can’t bring their pets along with them. This restriction is only meant to be a temporary one.


In India, the Coronavirus situation is quite serious. Therefore, the government has banned all flights. No one can come to India until the mid of June. However, depending upon the intensity of the spread, the restrictions can get prolonged as well.   

The Philippines

Just like India, travel is not allowed in the Philippines till mid of June. Depending upon the situation, the ban can get prolonged as well.


As the situation in Italy has improved, the travel restrictions have also been lifted. But since the virus has not been completely eliminated yet, so the number of flights is very small.


Because of the grave situation of the pandemic in the USA, the government has decided to suspend the issuance of pet travel documents. So, pet owners can’t bring their pets along with them on domestic flights.

South Africa

This country has restricted people from bringing in their pets. Until the situation doesn’t improve in this country, the ban is unlikely to get lifted.


Until June 21, people can’t travel to Canada. So, both people and pets can’t travel to Canada until the situation improves.  

If You are Traveling to France or Australia…

If you’re thinking about traveling to France, it is important to check whether you can travel there or not. This is because of the guidelines related to travel change daily. So, it is advised that you should keep up with the news to travel safely.  

On the other hand, people coming from the following regions are not allowed to travel to Australia:

  • China
  • Iran
  • Korea
  • Italy

However, Australian residents coming from these countries can travel back to Australia without any restrictions. They’ll have to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks after coming back to Australia. People coming from these countries can’t bring their pets along with them. However, other people who are traveling from other countries can travel with pets easily.  

Do I Need Extra Paperwork?

You might be thinking whether you need additional documents to travel with your pets during COVID-19. The requirements for these documents vary from country to country. However, in general, you’ll need to have the following things:

  • Vaccination documents
  • Pet Passport

Things to Bring Along 

Here are some important things that you should have along with you if you’re traveling with your pet; pet food, water, medicines, and collar extra. It would also be a good idea for pet owners to keep documents that have dog and cat names and their photos as well. This can help you to easily locate them in case they go astray.As a pet owner, you’ll want to use the best piece of equipment for your pet. Several renowned mortgage recruiters around the world allow you to reach top-quality quality control officers. So, you should make a list of all these recruiters along with contact details before considering traveling to reach them easily.   

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