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Spending some hundreds on home appliances provides you a wide range of conveniences and comfort. Appliances like a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, or dryer ease down the complexities of your daily life and speed up help you in accelerating your routine.

However, unfortunately, all such home appliances come to an end because of extensive usage and irregular maintenance or ultimately after a pre-set period. Every home appliance features a fixed lifespan and it is important to know their surviving period. 

As whatever you buy to enhance the efficiency of your home, it is always good to know how long they last and function properly to help you in a better way. Here we have come up with a useful guide on the lifespan of such appliances. 


A refrigerator is one of the most useful appliances for every household that helps you keep your vegetables and foods completely fresh and hygiene. It comes with an average life expectancy of 13 years. With proper maintenance and care, you can enhance its life. 

In order to make it function properly for years, you should also clean the inside of the freeze regularly and every time ensures the closing of its door for maintaining its effectiveness. In addition to that, if required contact the best appliance repair service for better assistance. 

Conventional Ovens

Ovens are another crucial home appliance that makes your cooking effortless and quick. A gas oven tends to perform up to 15 years efficiently, whereas the electric ones are suitable for a maximum of 13 years. Still, if you need to make most out of it then clean the ovens regularly as prescribed by the manufacturer or the appliance repair service. The food particles or leftovers can turn down the efficiency and you may cost a fortune to repair the machine. 


A dishwasher cut-downs the effort of washing your plates and helps you in saving ample water and money. Cleaning the utensils and dishes by using a dishwasher is more hygienic and environmental-friendly. You can enhance its operation by proper handling and using several cycles for cleaning dishes as per recommendation. 

A dishwasher usually features a lifespan of 9 years that is the lowest among all the home appliances you use in a modern kitchen. Hence, if you want to enhance its functioning, then follow the instructions as well as clean the drain and spray arm nozzle from any kind of blockage. 

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is one of the best inventions for your kitchen. It is the true replacement of conventional ovens and much faster than the traditional cooking methods for sure. It is also safer and keeps nutritious food healthy. Hence, it is always essential to keep it in top condition to enhance its operation and extend its lifespan following a better appliance repair service. 

Generally, the average life of a microwave is around 9 years and for a better and healthy life, you should clean inside and outside of your machine and keep the door closed on every occasion.


The average life of clothes dryer is around 13 years, but you should take care of its vent pipe, motor and belt regularly. A complete check-up helps in boosting its life expectancy. A clothes dryer helps you in drying your clothes irrespective of climate conditions.  

Air Conditioner

An Air conditioner keeps you comfortable during the hot and humid condition and gives you a peace of mind irrespective of weather. It is also beneficial in reducing water loss and ultimately dehydration. Hence, to get most of the benefits you should keep it in top condition every time. An air conditioner comes with added conveniences and allows you controlling the temperature according to your needs.

Usually, the lifespan of an air-conditioner is 10 to 15 years, but if you want to enhance its life, you should change the air filter at regular intervals to keep it clean from dust particles and other clogged materials. A well-functioning air conditioner also escalates the energy efficiency.  

Bear in mind always that whenever you find your appliances failing to operate properly then it is the time to recall an appliance repair solution for better assistance. They can offer you proper guidance on repairing or replacement. Opting for a replacement of home appliances helps you in escaping the endless cycle of repairing whereas repairing can save your hard-earned money. 

Bottom Line

You are responsible to make the choice between a repair and replacement but consult with the local appliance repair service so that they can go for much-needed maintenance and let your appliances run for some more years right after the lifespan. Here in this guide, we have discussed the lifespan of all the major appliances along with instruction on enhancing the life adhering proper maintenance.