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how to Escape Brexit

How to Escape Brexit – A Guide

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If you live in the UK and you didn’t vote for Brexit, you’ve probably been spending the past few years wondering how to escape it. 

Despite the news and the general sentiment being quite depressing, for those who want to avoid Brexit, it’s not all bad news. If you really want to safeguard your European citizenship and escape Brexit Britain, there are ways to do it.

You might already know where you want to go. But there are countries in Europe that are easier to move to and get residency. For example, even though Spain is popular, it’ll take you ten years to get citizenship. Others can offer you the same in 5 years or less.

Here are our recommendations for escaping Brexit, both before and after the deadline.

Emigrate before January 2021

Yes, this is obvious and at the moment not as easy as you might think. Covid-19 has scuppered travel plans and made emigration even tricker, which it usually is anyway. But… It can still be done.

Ask friends or family who live in Europe if they can put you up before the deadline while you find your feet. Find a part time job somewhere British expat friendly. Anything to get you moving asap.

Bureaucracy is normally hard work, wherever you end up. It normally takes at least a month to get registered as a resident. Consider paying someone to do your paperwork for you to streamline the process. 

Invest in property

You actually don’t need that much to buy a property in an EU member state. In Romania and Bulgaria, you can find a house for €3000. Or look to Poland, Slovakia or Slovenia for some other EU property bargains. 

Italy is often selling houses for €1, although this often involves some restoration work. 

For around €40,000 you can find an apartment in a city like Alicante, Valencia or Palermo. They may need some work but they’ll be liveable and you can work on making yourself a permanent resident.


If you’re studying, you can escape Brexit and complete your studies. Several countries offer residency for those who study post-graduate courses, including France. Take a look at your options across the continent. 

Work visas

Work visas are always the best way to emigrate and start a new life, as you’ll be paying taxes and contributions which allow you to register easily. For Brits, it’s actually quite easy as there are so many British run businesses in the European Union.

Identify businesses that you could work for, or ask friends or family to help you find some. You can also often find recruiters in the UK who are looking for British workers to fill jobs in places like Germany or the Netherlands.

This will most likely be the best way to escape the UK after Brexit too. Keep your eyes peeled on UK based job boards for European jobs. There is always an option.

Teaching English

Even if you’ve never taught before, it’s usually quite simple to find a job teaching English, especially in Europe. For those looking for a surefire route out of the UK, this could be the best choice. Sign up for a TEFL or CELTA course and keep an eye out for teaching opportunities in the EU.

In short, there is always a way to follow your dream. If you want to escape Brexit and live in Europe, start planning and doing your r. It will be easier to do this before the UK leaves the EU, but even after then, it will still be possible!

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