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Facts About Blackpool

Nostalgia at the Seaside: 5 facts about Blackpool

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For decades it was the go-to seaside destination for many, with Blackpool holding plenty of nostalgia for holidaymakers up and around the country.

Suffice to say, with the current situation, it has made something of a resurgence over recent months. Sure, it has never lost its charm due to all of the things available to do. However, with trips to many European destinations up in the air at least, a lot of Brits are keen to explore local getaways once again.

Bearing this in mind, today’s guide will take a look at some of the most interesting facts about Blackpool and show how it became one of the most visited seaside towns in its heyday.

Fact #1 – A bit about the Blackpool Illuminations

If you’ve not heard of Blackpool Illuminations, you’re in for a treat. While the numbers aren’t quite as high as they were several decades ago (although it is only second behind London in terms of tourist visitors), tourists still flock to see them. They tend to last for several months between September and January and offer a real, light spectacle to those who attend.

So, onto the facts.

While celebrities are often known to perform the big switch on, animals have got involved as well. For example, just after winning the Grand National in April, Red Rum proceeded to switch them on in 1977.

Then, onto the size. It takes no fewer than 14 weeks to remove all of the lights. In other words, once they have been removed, it’s almost time to install them again!

In terms of the designs of the lights, you’ll feast your eyes on around 500 or so. In short, this is a lighting masterpiece.

Fact #2 – It is famous for its rock candy

Like most seaside destinations, Blackpool has a “thing” about rock candy”. A stroll along the seafront will provide you with umpteen opportunities to get in on the action, although in 1991 this went a step further. It was here that the town became responsible for the largest stick of candy in the world – weighing a total of 413.6kg and being a mammoth 19 ft long!

Fact #3 – Blackpool Tower is huge (we can tell by the number of paint cans)

OK, so we don’t know exactly how many paint cans it took to decorate the tower – but we know how long it took.

While Big Ben and other UK landmarks often grab the headlines, Blackpool Tower took seven years in total to paint. It dominates the Blackpool skyline, but few would have thought it would have taken this long!

Fact #4 – It is the home of ballroom dancing

For any Strictly Come Dancing fans, you’ll know this already. Blackpool is the home of ballroom dancing and if you time your visit correctly, you can see the British National Dance Championships which take place there every year.

Fact #5 – It has attracted celebs from around the world

From George Clooney, to Tim Burton. In terms of the latter, he directed one of The Killers’ music videos in Blackpool.

Unsurprisingly, there are also a few celebrities who count Blackpool as their hometown. David Thewlis and Jenna-Louise Coleman are probably the two which spring to mind the most due to their roles in Harry Potter and Dr Who respectively.

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